What Our Residents and Families Say

One of the best ways to understand our devotion to quality healthcare is to listen to our Residents and families. Cathedral Health Care Center will be happy to provide you with the names and numbers of Residents and family members you may talk with to discuss our commitment to care for area seniors.

Below are testimonials from current Residents and families as well as success stories from Residents who were able to return home.


"When I arrived at Cathedral, I was a mess. I had just been in a car accident, had many broken bones and didn't think I would ever walk again. During my stay the girls in therapy raised my spirits and got me back on my feet, the kitchen served me fresh fruit every day and the nursing staff were WONDERFUL. I'm so thankful for all of them. Without them I would not be going home today. Thank you all so much!!!!."- Recent Rehab Resident.


"Thank you to Cathedral Health Care Center. I would like to thank each and every one that works here at Cathedral-the Administrator, staff, nurses, CNAs, kitchen and laundry staff have been so great to me. They were all so kind to me and listened to my troubles and thanks to the girls in therapy, I am walking again. They are like my family now and that makes me feel so good inside. I love all of the staff and the residents here too. Cathedral is a very special place, I will miss it and everyone here very much. God bless all the staff and residents at Cathedral- I am so blessed to have met you all. Love from my heart."- Timothy M.

"I am very happy to go home. When I came here, I could hardly walk now and now I can walk again. Therapy was really good to me and extremely nice. I had good food, good rest and good service. If I ever get sick again, I'm coming back to Cathedral for sure."- Ralph B.

I think Cathedral is marvelous! The nurses, aides, Activity Director go out of their way to be helpful. With my disability, my urostomy, the staff help me out a lot. The people are so nice! Very efficient and do their work. The rehab team/department is great as well. It's just remarkable that Cathedral has such great people to do such difficult work. From the top to the bottom, everyone is GREAT! I really appreciate this place for all they do and have done. -Joe

It's a good place. It's fine, just fine! Staff are helpful, I get to do the activities I like to do. The food is good, facility is clean, and the chapel is available to me anytime I wish to pray. No other facility around has an actual chapel or church and that to me is the best! - Eleanor